Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The one with the lessons* part one

As is often the case, this post is inspired by the lovely blog Yes and Yes. A few months back, Sarah posted a list of the 31 lessons she has learnt in her 31 years. I thought I'd give it ago, so here's my list, not sure if I'll get to 31 though (and if I do, can't be promising that I wont bore you to death by the time you get to 10!)

 1. Look after your skin and hair. I used to have the philosophy "It's only hair, it'll grow back". It doesn't. And you're never too young to use moisturiser or sun screen. Wrinkles just appear. like seriously, one day you're young, the next you're not!

2. Be nice. No matter what the outcome, you know you can walk away with your head held high because you were nice, you cared, you made an effort.

3. Don't compare your self to others. I've wasted too many years doing this, and it achieves nothing but anxiety, and aforementioned wrinkles!

4 Know that 9 out of 10 times, if someones bitching about, or to you, it's because of their own insecurities. Water off a ducks back.

5. Think, long and hard, maybe even get counselling, before you get married. Never ever do it "Just because"

6. Your family are some of the most important people in your life. Treat them as such. Whoever your family may be, blood related or not.

7. Get up, Get dressed, Go out. No matter how you feel, you'll feel better for it, trust me!

8.  Making your self a better person requires a lot of conscious effort, but it's worth it. Being the person you want to be doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of physical, and mental effort. But theres a pretty awesome reward at the end of it... pride.

9. Do what ever you like and do what ever you can to make it happen. My mate Karly is a prime example, she lives in paradise and has her dream career, because she never let anyone tell her she can't.

10. Make your self your number one priority. You can't love someone else if you don't love your self. And you can't be the best you if your not giving you some "you time".  (wonder if I could put one more "you" in here? yup, I did)

11. It might be awesome to have 100 million Facebook friends, but if you can count your real friends, and use every finger on one hand, those friends you could call to pick you up from the other side of the city at 4 am, you're a very lucky person. You really do learn, as time goes on, who you're real friends are. And you really do learn to appreciate them just for being them.

12. Live! Don't waste you're life away cleaning the house,working or being shy, standing in a corner, get out and live! Try the things you've always wanted to do. Spend your weekends doing the things you love, you can always clean the house later!
13. Teach your children the value of money. I wish I was taught more about money, taught to save.

14. Write a list of things you want to do. Like my 32 things list, you might not get through them all, but writing a list of things you want to try, and giving your self a time line is great motivation, and inspiration when you're bored!

15. Be unique, and have the confidence to own it. When you get older, you realise that the most beautiful people you know are the unique people you know. It's often things that we see as flaws that others love about us. When (if) I have kids, this is the most important thing I want to distill in them, that it's OK to be you.

16. Try once more before you give up. I have no will power, but when I do make an effort, and I fail at something, time after time after time, I usually find that when you're about to give up, give it one more go and it'll almost always work.

17. Smile. It really does make you feel better.

18. It's never too late to apologise, forgive, or say "Thank you". Just do it, what's the worst that could happen!

19. Treat people as you like to be treated. Pretty simple really. And if they don't show you the same courtesy, it's a flaw in their personality, not yours.

20. Notice simple, beautiful things around you. While parts of your life, or the world, might be crumbling down around you, a lot of it isn't, just take notice of it.

21. Keep an open mind. You might not understand why your hippy neighbour chooses not to eat meat, or why your work mate spends his weekends at church. Don't judge. Take a minute to find out why, you might be pleasantly surprised.

22. Never assume. It makes an ass out of u and me! ha always wanted to say that! I spend my days assuming what people think of me, or why they did this or that, 98% of the time, my assumptions are way off!

23. Be humble. Nothing is less attractive than someone who has succeeded at something and feels the need to constantly let everyone know. If your accomplishments are that awesome, they'll speak for them selves.

24. Don't worry about what happens in high school. I know it doesn't feel like it, but seriously, those days end, and before you know it, no one remembers that time Sally told Paul that you loved him!

24 straight up, not a bad effort! Stay tuned for further instalments!

I guess I should add here that while I do think these are good lessons that I've learnt, often the hard way, I'm still working on the whole applying part of most of them!

* There a slight possibility I've used that title before. Ah well!

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