Friday, December 3, 2010

The one with Princey

If you've been around here for a while now, you might remember back in April I did a post on my pet Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Princess (if you don't, and you care to, you can check it out here). She has Beak and Feather, which is basically the bird equivalent to AIDS - she will ultimately die from a flu or some such virus because of her failing immune system. In the meantime, she'll loose her feathers, appear dirty and her beak will grow and she'll end up loosing her ability to fly.

So far, Princey has lost a lot of feathers - she lost her crest, so I guess shes just a Cockatoo now!, and her beak is at the stage where it will need a trim soon, but shes happy, shes so smart - she says "hello" and can give kisses, when she wants a put she'll put her wings out or gently bite you on the finger, shes eating - everything and anything! her favorite food in the world is cheese!, and she can still fly a little, but is loosing her confidence as she looses more and more flight feathers. She's a little on the ugly side these days, but I still think she's awesome!

On Thursday, Steve let her out to meet a friend (the vet assures us that at the stage she is she would only be contagious to very young birds, so it's OK! and because she can't fly much any more, there was no fear of her flying off the feeder) They chatted, but her new mate wouldn't reply to her "hellos"! and then they shared the food for about 20 minutes! apparently she was hypo for the rest of the afternoon! I felt like a proud Mumma when Steve showed me the photos! Its like she can still have a little bit of the wild in her, but have guaranteed food and shelter!

* Sorry Ali, I know this is not worthy of such a long wait between posts!

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