Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From 2011 I want....

No more 32 or 33 things, I've decided that this year, I'll just write a list of the things I would like to do, so here goes;

I want to be part of, or at least see a flash mob
I want to get my hair back to my natural (?) colour
I want to sort out my shit (relationships, health, finances)
I want to ride my bike more (and get a basket for it)
I want to be a good friend/sister/daughter
I want to really work on making this blog everything it can be
I want to save money
I want to go to NYC in September
I want to organise my round the world trip with Mazz
I want to concentrate on being a better person
I want to do the things that make me happy
I want to spend time at the beach
I want to spend time in the snow
I want to spend time by a river
I want to spend time in the mountains
I want to spend time in paddocks filled with wild flowers
I want to enjoy my company
I want to do things, rather than dream about them
I want a scooter
I want a house in the country, thats painted yellow, that has big willow trees and a sweet little garden, thats big windows let in beautiful sunshine
I want to sew
I want to take photos
I want to paint and draw
I want to look in the mirror and be OK with what I see
I want to be spontaneous
I want to stop being serious and have fun
I want to be loved
I want to have a reason to smile
I want NYE 2011/12 to be the night where I look back fondly at the best year of my life, the year where everything fell into place, the year where I truly was happy with where everything is

This year is all about me. As selfish as that sounds! Part of fixing me though, is to improve my relationships, so don't worry, I wont be locking myself away. But I will be strong, and be looking out for me before anyone else. It's time.


  1. Great list jands! Would you like me to send this list back to you in a couple of months to see how you're progressing :-) I'm starting to print out goals/dreams to have at home and/or the office to make sure I remind myself on the direction I want to head. xoxo

  2. thats why i posted it, so i can be accountable! i wonder how different our lists would be?!!

  3. the last one is my favorite and one that we definitely share my dearest friend.......... this year is your year ben xxx

  4. Great list babe, and I don't doubt you'll achieve what you need to this year! Looking forward to seeing a more "happier" and "satisfied" YOU! The world IS your oyster, so go for it :)
    Love ya xoxo


Thank You XX