Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ♥ the Internet!

Can we just take a second to marvel at the originality that is my blog titles of late!

You're probably still marvelling, but we need to move on!

It was early 19996, I was probably wearing crazy patterned flares and a little singlet, my staple dress code of the day (glass houses people, don't judge!), I was probably blonde, with possibly some weird coloured steaks through it, green or purple if  I remember correctly, we lived in a small housing commission house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Technology, well anything new really, didn't really make much of show in our lives, so when we were the first family I knew to get the Internet connected, well, I thought I was pretty rad!

The anticipation while the dial up connected was almost too much to bear! My friend Bianca and I would surf for hours, days even, our favorite haunt was the Pearl Jam chat room, where we called ourselves the Blonde Bimbos and wreaked havoc!

15 years later, and the Internet is still one of my favorite places to visit, to spend my time. Luckily for me, as long as my work is completed, the Internet and I can get in some good quality time to develop our love affair, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite places.

Of course Facebook is always open, click here, and we can be friends! I twitter too, but not as much, I even still have a MySpace, though today was the first time I've been on for so long that I had to reset my password!

Blogger is where my time is spent, please check out my blog roll for inspiration, I'd list my favorites, but we don't have space/time for that! I'm in love with fashion blogs at the moment, but my all time favorite blogs are from real people writing about their real lives. People interest me, and I love getting an insight into how others live.

Anyone who loves the net, loves online shopping, my faves include (but are not limited to!!)

I used to be OBSESSED with Hollywood gossip, so much so that it bordered unhealthy, thank god I got over that! I still like to check it out here and there though, so I visit

We ♥ it is a wonderful place full of beautiful images. I get most of my pictures from here.

My inspiration is often drawn from sites, and I'm attracted to sites dedicated to improving self esteem like

My favorite time wasters are places like

When friends and family go overseas, I love watching their plane take off and tracking their flight on
Melbourne Airport (my sisters think it's a little bit too stalkerish!)

The important ones include

What are your favorite sites and blogs?


  1. Woohoo go the Bonde Bimbos!! OMG how much trouble did we get in when our mums found out all the naughty things we were up to haha.

    Really enjoyed this blog Bush XX

  2. Ahhh... the days of crazy flares and logging in on 'off peak' times (which were usually so busy you couldn't get through). I miss the flares (still have a few pair lying around) but sooo don't miss dial up!


Thank You XX