Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm on holidays!

Wow, Blogger is being a bitch tonight!, it's taken me 400 years to post this, and it took me another 2872797 years to update my profile pic. It needed changing, it was about 87 hair colours ago! Yeah, I'm the queen of exaggeration tonight, sorry, it's Bloggers fault!

So, anyway, I'm on holidays! I have a week and 3 days off work. My last few holidays have been actually going away, so it's nice to be home, not that I'm complaining about the going away (hello USA and Queensland twice each!!)

I had only two plans, to have my hair done (I finally got extensions!!) and a facial (which was beautiful), the rest of the time I've done what ever I've felt like, and it's been glorious!

It has been different doing it all on my own, it's always more fun to have someone to share good times with, so Koa has been dragged along everywhere I'm allowed to take him!

I've also noticed that when one does things on ones own, one doesn't have any photos of ones self. So I acted like a wanker and took some of myself today!

1. I watched a pretty sunset (and might even get up early to see a sun rise?)
2. I've had sleep ins and afternoon naps
3. I've spent lot's of time on the couch watching day time TV and DVDs
4. Koa and I have been for lots of walks
5. After a life time of umming and ahhing and dreaming, I FINALLY got hair extensions, and I love their guts out!
6. Trying to get a picture and Koa ran past and shook all the dirty creek water all over me!
7. Koa and I took Max's top down and went cruising through the hills
8. I don't wear a watch (I feel like they strangle me, and they smell if you get hot!) so I thought this fogwatch necklack was as cute as a button
9. I picked up 2 new pairs of reading glasses (I haven't had new ones for over 7 years, a tad over due! These are my new black FCUK glasses
10. Wanker, new black glasses
11. New brown Country Road glasses
12. Wanker, new brown glasses
13. Tomorrow I plan to clean the cob webs off my bike (litterally!) and ride up to town to check out one or both of the new cafes we have


Thank You XX