Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A lovely day for a walk

I have a love hate relationship with the town I live in. It's a bit too suburbia for my liking, but it's still just enough rural to be close to most things I need without being a concrete jungle. We have beautiful views and lots of natural bush. 

Most some nights I take Koa (who I call Boof - isn't it funny how you spend hours deciding on your pets name, and then never call them it?!) Sorry, tangent, where was I, yes, I take Boof for a walk down to the waterhole in Olinda Creek. Back in time the locals all used to swim here, you couldn't now, so I guess the creek was bigger, and cleaner then, but it's still a lovely place to walk, and Koa loves to swim there.

Yesterday I took my awesome new camera down with us and played around. I think I need a tripod because I just can't seem to hold it still enough, it's a little more sensitive than my old Olympus point and shoot!

1. Boof (Koa) was too excited for walkies to sit and pose for me
2. My little road
3. Views out to Mount Dandenong
4. Nugget, the little pony who lives down the road and provides the local kids with hours and hours of rides
5. Quinns Reserve, back in 2001(?) we had a huge bush fire here, its about 5 houses away from us. Scary
6. Track to the Creek
7. Boof walking down the track
8. A bush fire in wait
9. Sun shine through the canopy
10. A pretty little waterhole
11. Boof goes for a swim
12. The results of Book shaking after said swim! Thanks Boof!
13. Come on Mum!
14. Things to explore
15. Beautiful trees
16. Boof goes for another swim
17. The old waterhole
18. Sweet little bridge with Autumn leaves in the middle of Summer

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