Friday, January 21, 2011

This is where I live. part one

I think it's fascinating to see where people from all around the world live, the little towns, or big cities. People, and how we live, our similarities and differences really interest me. So I thought I'd post some pics from where I live, Mount Evelyn. It's about 40 km's from Melbourne, in the foothills of Mount Dandenong and at the gateway to the Yarra Valley. It's a pretty nice place to live.

  1. No one knows why "a learning town" made its way onto our sign. It's lame! No one, when thinking of Mount Evelyn, would ever think of intelectuals! We're a mixed group of hippies, bogans, artists, families, young couples, elderly, yuppies, working class, tradies, weirdos, but not intellectuals!
  2. We have lots of nice walking/riding trails. The Warburton Trail is an old train line that's popular with bike riders. Oh, how sweet, the bogans put their stamp on the sign!
  3. The warby trail, going towards Lilydale
  4. The sign at the old train station.
  5. The old station. The Queen even passed through here back in the day. Mt Ev used to be a place where people from the city would catch a train for a Sunday picnic.
  6. Wray Crescent, or Main St.
  7. The Mount Evelyn Hamper and the baby shop Baby lets Cruz. We are the only town I know of that still has two Milk Bars
  8. The new shops on the corner of Monbulk-Silvan Road and York Road. We even have a Subway now!
  9. Views of the Dandenongs from Wray Cres.
  10. The Aquaduct, another nice walking track that will take you all the way to Silvan Dam


  1. What a fun tour of your town. I had a fun visit lol maybe for reals one day

  2. I was gonna say... Much fancier (and more suburban) than I recall.

  3. And what a fucking great idea! I should do one for the buccs!

  4. ok... so that road sign in the 6th picture... what does that mean?! I've never seen such a sign! :) Are those crashing cars???

  5. thanks lacie, you should do a post like this too, i'd love to see where you live, before we do it in real life of course!

    karls, totes suburbia now, theres a subway! do one on the bucc!!

    sara, hahahahahah!! It's saying that there is a pedestrian crossing coming up! hahahahahaha god i love that thats what you took from those pics!!! hahaha!! now you should do a post on the wonders of superior (did i spell that right?)


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