Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is where I live. part two.

My posts have been a little picture heavy lately, I'm having fun with my camera!

Here's pics from around my house. It's a ranch style Western Red Cedar on about a third of an acre on a little one lane dirt road. It's home. Most of the time.

  1. Home
  2. Mail box, in there somewhere!
  3. Agapanthas
  4. A lovely place to sit
  5. Of course theres cats in the garden
  6. Chooks
  7. Prayer flags
  8. A little gnome chilling
  9. A fat Buddha having a laugh
  10. My verandah
  11. My kitchen with my chalkboard door. Picture by Tamsyn
  12. One shelf full of cats
  13. My cosy fireplace
  14. The huge beautiful old tree in the back yard
  15. Steves tree house
  16. Arch way through to secret garden
  17. The little creek, in need of some love
  18. Fruit trees
  19. The BBQ area, one of the reason I wanted to buy the house. Sadly, it doesn't get much use
  20. Not long ago this was a bare bank
  21. HUGE bird of paradise plant that's taller than me, yet has never flowered
  22. Next doors dogs coming to say hi


  1. Cute Doggies :) Plus loving your shorts in that 2nd last pic :)

  2. I love Mt Evelyn, it's so beautiful and peaceful, you are incredibly blessed to live there! There was no room for comment on your 'Most popular posts-list page', but I just wanted to say I read your list and hope that everything turns out well for you! Life is rough and tumble hey? But try to keep positive and surround yourself with people who love you! Good luck :)

  3. I love your pictures - keep 'em coming!

  4. Beautiful!



Thank You XX