Thursday, February 10, 2011

The one with the lessons. Part two.

Remember this?

Here's the second installment, coz like, I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting!

25. If you fuck up, apologise! And be sincere. Don't try to justify it and never ever say "but...". Own up, man up, fix it and learn.

26. When it's comes to advice, be a real friend. If a friend asks for advice, give real advice, don't waste their time. Sure, there's always a time for "What an asshole, how could he do that when you're so perfect?!" But there is also a time for "hun, could there be any truth in what he's saying, could you do anything to fix this?" or even "yeah babe, your bum does look big in that" (perhaps with a little more tact!). But only ever give advice when it is asked for.

27. If you're going to ask for advice, be prepared to hear the truth, even if it's not what you want. If you are the receiver of advice and don't like what you hear, before getting all sooky la la poor me, have a think about whats been said. Could any of it be true, is there anything YOU could change?

28. Sometimes everyone lets you down. Once you've finished with your little pity party, realise that "everyone" means you too. No ones perfect, so if it's only a once off, or a rare occasion, get over it and move on. If it happens all the time, just don't waste your energy on that person any more.

29. Be careful what you write on FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter/your blog etc. I once wrote about being so angry with a certain Government organisation that I might just take something a little dangerous and give it to them. People from said organisation saw said post and banned me from setting foot in their premises and threatened that ASIO were watching me! My sisters friend once wrote on her wall something about "smoking doobies in the back of the ute". Mum was the first to comment!

30. Remember the little things that are important to your friends. If a friend has an important doctors appointment, send a message saying "good luck", if they have a funeral, a simple "Thinking of you today" could totally turn their day around. Sometimes, we all need to know that we are loved, that someone is thinking of us.

31. Explore your own backyard. We spend far too much energy/money dreaming of far away lands when our own back yards can be just as much fun.

32. Lets finish on a lighter note and talk about the lessons I've learnt in order to avoid embarrassment!
Firstly, always make sure your shoe laces are tied before using an escalator. I, umm, a friend of mine, once didn't obey this rule. Her punishment- sitting at the bottom of the escalator in front of dozens of people, having to remove her shoe from her foot, having to have the escalator turned off, yank her shoe out, and then walk through the busy shopping centre red faced!  Second, never walk under a boom gate that is up. That same, umm, friend, learnt this lesson after the boom gate crashed on her head, knocking her to the ground, much to the amusement of the people in the cars waiting to go through the boom gate. Finally, always check that you don't have a toilet paper tail following you when you leave a bathroom. This really was a friend, not me. Lets call her Nicole, coz that's her name! Nicole was at a nightclub in the city. A busy one that we went to every.single.weekend, (and therefore knew a lot of people). Nicole didn't check for a tail on this fateful night. The consequence? A walk right through the club with her little toilet paper tail sticking out of her skirt! No one noticed/told her and it wasn't until she was at the bar ordering an Illusion Shaker that the tail was revelled! Lesson learnt!

do you have any more life lessons to add?


  1. Thanks for the lessons I loved reading them. Let's see do I have any for you um....... Always wear clean underwear cause you just never know lol!

  2. I have a thing about people who are in the wrong, but refuse to admit it. It drives me nuts and I hate having to call people out all the time, but someone has to.

    Also, don't stick fingers in small holes.


Thank You XX