Sunday, March 27, 2011

29 years.

both via pintrest

29 years ago today, my world changed forever.
My Dad passed away.
I was 3.
He was 28.
For 29 years, my Mum has been my Mum, my Dad, and my best friend.

I never know how to feel today.

Dads ashes were scattered.
But he has no plaque.
I've been told that that is because he was a "free spirit".
People didn't want to "tie him down".
But, after recent events, I'm more inclined to believe that family humiliation is the real reason.
It just means that I have no where to go to "talk" to him.
Doesn't sound like a big deal.
But I need somewhere.
Somewhere where he is.
I feel stupid going to the crematorium and just wandering around.
I don't know him well enough to know if he had a "special place"
His family don't know him well enough either.
It's all so very, very sad. 

My Mum and I are the only people I know of that think of Dad today.
But I really hope he has some old friends who will have a drink for him today as well.

If you get a spare second today, I'd really love it if you'd think of my Dad,
Maybe give your Dad, or even your Mum a call,
or even better, a huge hug!

You really should "be here" Dad. I miss you.


  1. Aw.. I'm sorry Jandy.:( I know what you mean - having a "spot" is important for a lot of people. Do you know where they scattered his ashes? Maybe you could go there. I will think happy thoughts for you and your family today. :)

  2. Big hugs sweetheart. Why don't you find a place that's special to you and "invite" your Dad there? I'm sure that if there is a place that is special to you, he would have found it special too. xx

  3. Jandy Bunnings have some nice rocks that you can write on with calligraphy pens and make a special spot in your garden for dad cos that is where he is anyway...where ever you are he is and I know you love your garden, maybe seal a photo of him on the rock as well.
    If only we knew how much someone would be missed we would work even harder to keep them here....sending you a hug from down the hill xxxx

  4. Aww Jand's sending you loads of big squishy hugs, and I'm sure your Dad is up there looking down on you and feeling super proud of what a wonderful person you are, such a kind, giving and caring person. Why don't you find a special place that means a lot to you, somewhere you love to go and place something special there for him. I'm sure he'd love that too :) xxx


Thank You XX