Monday, March 14, 2011

Bits of my weekend

1. Koa loving a run in the sun
2. Olinda Creek flowing after recent rain
3. Lonely little mushroom
4. Me and Koa
5. Pretty flowers
6. Perfect blue sky
7. Bridge we discovered....
8, That led to this open area, that if it wasn't in Mt Evelyn, you'd expect to see Bambi and his mates feeding
9. Secret bridge....
10. That led to this little ferny area....
11. That lead to this cute little stone bridge at the end of someones garden
12. Chestnuts fresh off the tree
13. A beautiful early birthday present from a beautiful friend (thanks Ali xx)
14. Freshly baked chocolate cupcakes
14. Time for a little drawing. Words to live by
15. My new crackle effect nail polish (shown on tin foil because my nails are far from photo worthy!)


  1. OOOh... fun weekend! And I love your drawing.. it'd make a pretty kick ass tattoo. :)

  2. Oh yippee! Love that you like your necklace enough to feature it on your blog - feeling very much LOVED!
    Looks like you had a fab weekend too babe! Those cupcakes looks yummy! Very proud xx


Thank You XX