Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting my geek on!

One of the many, many weird things that combine to make Jandy, Jandy, is her tendency to get her geek on!

Speaking in the third person is obviously another, so I'll stop that now!

It all started years ago when Jesus Christ Superstar the music came out here in Aus. I never saw the show, but loved the music (did I seriously just admit that on the Internet?!). I realised that I knew nothing about religion. So I read parts of the Bible, spoke to religious friends, read and watched everything, absorbing all the knowledge I could.

Now days I have Google. Google makes it oh-so-much easier to to get my geek on. When something sparks my interest, I'll spend says Googling it. It's almost obsessive. I could be anything, any subject. A murder case, I'll research the victim, the murderer, their lives before and after, witness accounts, court documents and police records. A natural disaster, like Black Saturday, I'll read up on similar events, weather patterns, stories from people involved. If an interesting person dies, like say, Michael Jackson, I'll read up and watch everything I can on their lives. I'll research for months when theres a devastation like September 11 or the Bali Bombings. An interesting court case, like Schapelle Corbys can also see me glued to the net for far too long.

When my uncle passed away I Googled his name and somehow came across the story of Tina Resch and consequently spent days reading her astonishing story.

So this week, with all the talk of the horrible situation in Japan and it's comparisons to Chernobyl, I got thinking that while I knew Chernobyl was the site of an explosion and radiation fallout, that was the extent of my knowledge on the disaster.

So yesterday I Googled "Chernobyl" and have since spent hours reading translated witness accounts, news stories, looking at pictures, visiting ever Wiki page on the subject and it is utterly fascinating, and at the same time sad and devastating, unbelievable really, in fact, words can't describe it. It's far from the population of 7 armed men and two headed women I had conjured up. I came across a site written by Elena, a girl who lives in Kiev, around 100k's (I think) away from Chernobyl. The site is a collection of photos and her commentary from her visits into the 30 km exclusion zone with only a radiation detector, her motor bike and a camera. Every picture and word had me intrigued and stunned. If, like me, you possess a little bit of geek, I highly recommend you take a look.

Wow, this post has me sounding quite morbid! Rest assured, I spend just as much time Goggling "clothes" as I do "disaster"!

* My fingers are crossed that the people of Japan do not experience anything like Chernobyl. My thoughts are with all effected by the earthquake and tsunami.


  1. I love that you get your geek on!! That's awesome! :) And you know way more about stuff than I do- seriously. I'm dumb when it comes to history and events.

  2. There's nothing cooler than someone who is proud of her geekiness. You rock! xx


Thank You XX