Thursday, March 31, 2011

I may live to regret this

This little blog certainly isn't the most popular blog in the world. It's not always clever, or witty. It's not always well written, intelligent or informative. But I do pride myself on the fact that it is always honest.

I'm real. I show my faults. I show that my life isn't all cupcakes and photo shoots in sunny fields of wild flowers.

Which is why I'm possibly making a huge mistake here!

My beautiful friend Nicole posted a photo dedication to me, and some friends from high school on her blog, Buffy's World. 

It's embarrassing, but wet-your-pants-funny! Bad fashion, bad hair styles, lot's of home made alcohol, dress ups, a fair few extra kilos and just a hell of a lot of fun.

Karly commented that I've gotten better with age. I bloody hope so, because if I haven't, I have no hope!

A sneak peak....

 Yup, that's me in the middle thinking I'm a homie, sporting an extra 15kg's or so!
and a very odd beanie

The only decent photo! Chris, Ali and I at Nicoles engagement party.
I had awesome hair then!

Umm, not too sure what's going on here, other than the fact that I'm rocking the quadruple chins!

I may regret this, but here's the link to the rest!

Thanks for being an amazing friend Nicole, I know we'll be friends forever, old ladies sitting at the beach, me with my millions of cats, and you with a coffee in your hand.

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  1. Great blog babe - great laughs - and sexy looks - and by the way NEVER let me go blonde again! Ewwwweee!I think we have both improved with age to - hahaha!! :)


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