Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just a minute in March

I'm at work, it's Saturday morning. Shoot me now!

Reading... Nothing, and it's been a while since I read a good book, my geek self saw a book on witness statements of some survivors of Chernobyl, perhaps I'll go looking for that this afternoon.

Listening... Jason Maraz, I'm yours and Xavier Rudd, Love comes and goes. Oh wow, Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden just came on the radio. Now that brings back some memories!

Watching... There's nothing I'm really loving at the moment, but I do hope "Winners and Losers" is as good as it looks like it will be.

Buying... My boss tells me I have too many clothes! So perhaps I'm "buying" a little too much! Though I do not believe in "too many", just "not enough space".
Loving... The beautiful Autumn weather.

Wanting... A cape. (not of the super hero variety - actually, nah, I'll get one of the superhero type capes - coz that sounds fun, AND a winter cape!)

Thinking... 14 minutes and 39 seconds and I'm out of here!

Hoping... My Mummy has a wonderful trip to the US tomorrow (but what I'm really hoping for is that she's kept it a secret all this time, but is going to surprise me with tickets to go too! high hopes!)

Hearting... My "Jandy" necklace that Ali bought me. It is pretty much perfect!

Hating... Egg Shells and having to tread carefully upon them

Planning... Nothing. Thats sad, I think I should plan to plan something!

Excited... To get out of work!

Enjoying... My "Wreck this Journal"


  1. Um.. I'm doing Vegas the last week of July. You should too!! ;)

    And you can't have too many clothes! NEVER!

  2. Oh yeah!! Loving you like your necklace babe :)
    And....I think you should get onto planning something STAT!
    Mwah x


Thank You XX