Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Mummy isn't your normal kinda Mummy!

My Mummy rocks!
3 years ago I sat in bed at 6.30am listening to her getting married
at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas.
Her and Dougie have travelled back to America this week to celebrate their anniversary.
She's in New Orleans at the moment.
And I have let her know that should she come home with any beads, she will be disowned!
Then I got this message last night...
"Completely shitfaced sitting on a curb in New Orleans"
Oh dear, Mummy, whatever will we do with you!


  1. hahaha... Drink Mums take 1 :) You should load that video on facey if u still have it haha.

  2. Happy Anniversary Sue & Dougie!! Lots of love x


Thank You XX