Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my weekend

I'm still indecisive of where I want to take this blog, so I just can't find the motivation to be meaningful or funny, or inspirational or whatever, so I'm going to post some pics of my weekend.

The family and I flew in a little 6 seater plane to the International air show, coz thats how we roll!

My step Dad Dougie is learning to fly and an avid aviation enthusiast, so when the air shows on, we treat ourselves to a 35 minute flight from our local little air port, rather than the 2 hour plus drive!

I'm not scared of heights or flying in the slightest.
Although one of my biggest fears in the world is having to use the paper bag on a plane.
So I relish in the sights, and the realisation that I'm just a very very small part of this world.

Mum and Bec
Becs not quite as fond of flying as I am!
Ma pretends shes down with it!
Nothing but water as far as the eye can see
Buzz and Mazz check out the cockpit of a fighter jet
Buzz and Mazz, precious cargo!
We made paper planes, coz we're awesome!
Mines the best! (naturally!)
funny sisters (how gross is my hair!)
Lets fly Jetstar!
Gold pass baby. It's the only way we go
Geek alert!
Nicole tells me I look famous in this pic!


  1. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Nice work Jands! Shame I wasn't still living in Barwon Heads - you could have landed the cessner in the street and come in for a couple of Moet... cause that's how we roll.

  2. That's frigen awesome - your family totally rocks! Ah....and I totally agree with Nic, you do look famous - suits you ;)


Thank You XX