Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25th 2011

April 25th, in Australia and New Zealand, is ANZAC Day.

We remember those who served for our country, especially those who fought and died on the banks on Gallipoli at dawn on April 25th 1915.

It's also my Birthday!

About 9 years ago, after September 11, and our world changed, war became reality to my generation as our troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided to do possibly the most unselfish thing in my life. I decided to dedicate the first hour or so of my birthday to the memory of our Diggers. It's now a tradition with my mum and Dougie to get up before dawn and stand in the dark and the cold with 100 or so like minded people at the Dawn Service and listen to the haunting sounds of the Last Post as the sun rises over the gum trees. Theres nothing like it, imagining the men in their boats, heading towards the banks, heading towards the unknown, and honoring their memory. Standing there in the freezing cold, yet warm because of the clothes we have the freedom of buying thanks to the people who fought for the life we now live, eyes tired and tummy's rumbling with the smell of the traditional gunfire breakfast being cooked in the RSL kitchen behind us. It makes me proud to be an Australian and honored to be an ANZAC baby.

After Dawn Service we headed to Maccas for breaky and I got my pressies from Ma and Dougie, the most beautiful winter cape that I've had my eye on for forever and my very first flying lesson! It's scary, but sooooo exciting, I'm actually going to be flying the plane! And it will even go towards building my flying hours up! How cool will it be one day when peeps say "what do you do?" "Me?, oh I'm a PILOT!" Well I'll be 40 minutes closer to that dream soon!

I was very spoilt this year, after breakfast we met Mazz in Chapel Street and had a look at the shops before TGI's for lunch (where we pretended we were in New York, and made plans for the afternoon, Mazz wanted to go to see the Statue of Liberty and I wanted to shop in SoHo, Ma and Dougie were going to head to Times Square before we all meet at Bryant Park to go Ice Skating!!) Then we had another walk around the shops (and didn't buy a thing - what the?!) before seeing Arthur at Gold Class with a huuuuugggggeeee bucket of popcorn! It was pretty much the most perfect birthday ever, especially with all my birthday love phone calls text messages and FB love!

Thank You everyone that made my day the best Birthday Ever xx

 5.30 am Mount Evelyn RSL Dawn Service 2011

 ... and in the morn, we will remember them

 This is your Captain Jandy Resch speaking, welcome aboard our flight to JFK, NY today!

 Amazing cape. Yes I am a superhero OK.

Whenever I give a present or a card, I fill it with glitter. It's my trade mark!
Ma thought she might try to get me back!

She even filled my new capes pockets with tiny gold stars.
She doesn't realise that glitter could never make me angry!

Happy Birthday to me!

and more importantly,
Lest We Forget.

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