Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Mazz "Mum and Doug (who are on holidays in America, coming home on Tuesday) have lost their passports, she's freaking out"

Buzz "Mum wants you to call the embassy and see what you can do, hurry, she's crying"

Mazz "She hasn't seen it since she landed (nearly 2 weeks ago) she called the embassy and they said theres nothing they can do until the passport has been lost for a certain amount of time"

Me, calling the Australian Embassy. "Please help me! My mum is in America and has misplaced her passport, the embassy over there wont help her until the passport has been lost for x number of days, she's coming home on Tuesday, she's in LA crying, please help!"

Nice embassy man "I'm sorry, there's not much we can do from Australia, she needs to go to the Embassy in LA, here's the address, blah blah blah"

Me calling Mum "Ok, you need to go to the Embassy, thats the only thing we can do" (thinking, you don't sound like your'e crying?)

Mum "What?"

Me "it's the only thing we can do, you have to go to the Embassy"

Mum "What, why?"

Me "your'e passport!!!!!!"

Mick is standing next to me, and casually mentions April Fools Day

Me "those little bitches"

Mum, can't talk, pissing her self laughing

Ok, I got April Fooled. I never have before. So credit where credit is due. Well done sisters! I friggen called the Australian Embassy!

Have you heard of any good April Fools pranks?

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