Monday, April 18, 2011

My little sister the marathon runner

That's Mazz running in the Run for the Kids on Saturday!

If you knew Mazz growing up, a marathon would be the last thing you'd imagine her ever doing. Mazz grew up on a diet of only white and brown foods (pop corn, hamburgers etc) and her weekends were spent on the couch. The only marathon she'd ever heard of was the Friends marathon on TV!

Now look at her! I'm so proud of you Mazz, look how awesome (and skinny!) you look!

I had the BEST day ever on Saturday, celebrating the beautiful Ali's Hens Day. But my camera batteries died, so I wont post until some of the girls have put up some pics that I can steal!


  1. Go Em!!! You rock babe - and you look awesome!

  2. haha love the part about her diet on white and brown foods. Been ready a lot of your blogs tonight while I'm away for work and really enjoying them.

    P.S. So happy for you that you have now made the break!! :)


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