Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Mum is the awesomest!

I've told you before how awesome my mum is! When she's not letting her hair down in New Orleans, or being a shoulder for me to cry on, or lending giving me money, or taking stupid photos with us, or inventing "Jandy Day", or playing silly jokes, or being my boss, or saying old peoples words like "tizzy" and "upstart", or giving me invaluable advice, or invaluably not giving me advice, or making me laugh, or asking me to repeat something 1 million times, or eloping in Vegas, she sometimes spoils me and my sisters!

Ma and Dougie came home from their American trip with a big bag of pressies!

1. When Ma was visiting New Orleans we had an ongoing joke where I would check that she hadn't received any beads. She was oblivious to the whole New Orleans beads tradition. I was given 12 sets. I'm never ever ever going to look at her New Orleans pictures! (In all seriousness Ma, we all think it's awesome that you let you hair down ♥).

2. When anyone visits America, I make sure to stock up on makeup. I already pretty much have 5 years supply, but theres no such thing as too much makeup, I say!

3. In 1996 I was part of an exchange program with school to America. The Hard Rock Cafe was massive then and we visited every one we could. I purchased a guitar pin in every cafe and have done so, at every cafe I've visited, since. Ma got me a Memphis one and a New Orleans one.

4. My goodies! 4 pairs of Victoria's Secret undies, a Victoria's Secret bra  because my old one was stolen by the dog! (you might need a microscope to see that one), an American Eagle top and and American Flag singlet from F21. As well as my beads and makeup! One very lucky girl I am!

5. Excuse this pic, but there's no one too interested in seeing my underwear these days, and these little safari print one's just had to be seen! How cute!

Love you to the moon and back Ma, thank you xx


  1. You are so lucky to have a special spangled mummy like Sue!!
    I can spot your bra too!
    Enjoy all of your pressies, you deserve them xx

  2. Aww she's spoilt you hasn't she!! (for a change haha) she is a bit awesome! Glad she enjoyed her trip, and you got some lovely pressies xx


Thank You XX