Thursday, April 7, 2011

The simple things

Sometimes when life sucks eggs, I paint my nails like a rainbow.

There's no rules, except that you need bright colours. You don't even have to be neat. Hell, I often paint half my finger! Today I even went all out and only painted one hand, yeah I know, I'm the epitome of cool!
Somehow it helps.

Today it did, just after I painted them, I won a free Chupa Chup!

Yay for rainbow nails that bring my day sunshine!


  1. You are as good at painting your nails as I... My toes are an even worse proposition! You are waaay uber cool!

  2. You're a bit cute! That's all I have to say :)

  3. This is the best idea ever ever I always have my nails painted and right now they are bright blue :)

  4. Mmm, I can see that you got some on your fingers. That just makes you look more youthful. Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue....


Thank You XX