Monday, April 18, 2011

Stuff I ♥

1. Nutella on toast. Best.Breakfast.Ever.
2. Trying to take pictures with two of my best friends in the whole wide world (good to see the pink doodle straw made it in Carls!)
4. Brittany Fuson Paper
5. The most beautiful, made for each other, couple in the world
6. How Mick and I survive our working day
7. My tough little marathon running sister!


  1. lol.... glad the straw made it in!! is it a little awkward that none of us thought about turning the camera around the other way.....?!

  2. OMG very sexy shot of us...NOT! Ewweee!! I look like a total fatty! But thanks babe, lovely thing to say about us :)
    Lovely post though....ah and BTW Emma ROCKS!!!


Thank You XX