Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 day photo challenge day one

I saw this on one of my daily blog reads, New Beginnings, Kara is doing the 30 day photo challenge, and it looked like fun, so I'm playing along!

Day one is a picture of yourself with ten facts

  1. My favorite place in the world is New York. (wow, that's something you never knew hey!)
  2. I always take my shoes off to drive
  3. I have extra long fingers, which has unfortunately given me the nick name of "huntsman hands"
  4. My awesome sisters and I are planning the ultimate road trip across America in 2011. Sara, your number one on my "to see" list!
  5. I ALWAYS go to the toilet at least twice before I go to bed. I have a (irational?!) fear of dreaming that I'm going to the toilet and actually going, so I make sure theres nothing there should I have said dream!
  6. On hot days, I always take my bra off while I'm driving home. One of the advantages of bee sting boobies!
  7. I still have the teddy bear, Big Ted, that was given to me on the day I was born. I also have Mishka, a stuffed dog that sits on the end of my bed. Without which I couldn't sleep!
  8. I'm the worst flying companion. I'm not scared of crashing at all, but I am scared of someone putting stuff in my bags (another irrational fear?!) so until I'm through customs I don't speak!
  9. I don't have nails on my little toes. It's about as hot as you're imagining!
  10. When I wrote down a quick list in my journal, I listed number 10 as "lunch" and now I don't have the fainest clue what the hell that means. So umm, I eat lunch most days, I guess that's a fact. No one said the facts had to be interesting!


  1. Jill - So glad to hear that Mishka's still around :)

  2. THIS YEAR?! YAY!!!! You'll have to get me details when you know them and I'll make it a memorable stop for you! ;)


Thank You XX