Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a minute in May

Just A Minute in May

Reading... I just received Lonely by Emily White from Sara, haven't started it yet though, I think I need happy, inspirational books at the moment.

Listening... to Adele, Thank you Sara, thank you thank you thank you!

Watching... In a weeks time when I'm in my temporary new house, I'll be watching the hell out of foxtell

Buying... Whatever I damn well please (It's my money now, all mine)

Loving... Does it say much for my state of mind that I can't think of anything to put here?

Wanting... to fast forward 6 months

Thinking... far too fucking much

Hoping... for karma

Hearting... music, it sooths my soul

Hating... oh god, the Internet just isn't big enough for my list right now

Planning... my life

Excited... for new beginnings, new opportunities, new travels, new friendships, new love

Enjoying... the weight off my shoulders


  1. Jandy hope all is well for you in your transition to a new life. Loving your animals fits in here for you and the sky and mountain from your verandah xxxx....

  2. That Adele cd... oh my. I love it so. I'm like the *queen* for new music ideas for people. :) The other one you should get (if you don't have it) is One Republic's "Dreaming Out Loud". GREAT break up cd. :)


Thank You XX