Monday, May 23, 2011

A nice weekend, and Mas Birthday

This weekend was, well, lovely. Without a heavy heart and soul, (and with someone who loved me), it would have been pretty much perfect.

Friday night was spent at Emmas. A girls night with her, Buzzy and some of their work friends. We ate, we played silly games, we drank, we applied face masks, we laughed. It wasn't the rowdy night that was expected, but it was exactly what I wanted/needed.

Saturday was my mummys birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY I LOVE YOU - we met at Switch and had a lovely lunch before she went away for the night. I spent the afternoon at home, my home, cleaning. It felt so good to be there with my babies. It just felt like home. My heart is in my throat and my stomach is filled with butterflies whenever I drive in the driveway, but once I'm in the door, It just feels right.

Sunday I got up early, had a Bacon and Egg McMuffin and headed out to meet Ma, Dougie and Mazz in Werribee. Do you remember at Easter when I was proud of driving the West Gate Bridge all by my self? Well I can now proudly say I've done it 4 times!

We toured the Werribee Mansion which was grand, and fascinating (and just a touch smelly!) before we went on the open bus tour of the Weribee Open Ranges Zoo (the pics below - obviously!) The weather held out just long enough for us to have an awesome time.

On our way home we stopped in Melbourne for some shopping and lunch, where I got some pretty rad bargains - hello $2 and $5 dollar skirts, $10 dresses and $25 blazer!

The thing that tainted it all though was everywhere I looked, there were reminders. Steve and I visited the zoo years ago, I passes the place where Steve used to have an exhibition at the Garden Show, drove the road that we drove EVERY weekend when we first got together, couples holding hands, couples walking through the city, couples shopping, couples waiting for trams. Couples everywhere rubbing it in that I'm alone :(

I felt better after dinner at Mums local, and Jersey Shore on TV.

The prefect ending to an almost perfect weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! One thing I miss about living so far from Melbs is the family weekends! you are very blessed to have them so accessible and so fucking rad!


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