Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The silver lining

 Homemade love from Sara, Nicole and Cooper

 My favorite, a little star from Cooper (you still owe me kissy kissys!)

Smores ingredients, (graham biscuits are a personal joke between me and my sisters which was the icing on an already awesome cake!), a new book, Saras favorite Easter Eggs, a beautiful smelling "Island Magharitta" candle and a lovely note

 The.Sweetest.Hot water bottle. EVER! Thank you Karls

 A sweet, smile inducing card from Nicole

and a basket of Nicoles homemade lemon slice, yum yum!

Hey :)

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank the people who have given me some invaluable support over the last few weeks, I can't even put into words how much it means to have you all by my side. It's a lot easier to get through this with you all here with me.

I've been so lucky to get some thoughtful little packages of love in the mail too, like my smores kit all the way from the US from Sara, and homemade cards by Sara, Nicole and Cooper, the CUTEST hot water bottle with a sweet little deer and an MP3 with guided meditation from my kindred spirit, Karls, and a post card and the yummiest batch of lemon slice ever from my beautiful friend Nicole. Nicole has been beyond amazing, I'll probably never be able to thank her for all she's done for me.

Best of all are the messages, phone calls and letters of support and encouragement, I'm thinking of printing them all out and making a little book of some sort. Something I can look at when I'm feeling unloved and alone.

Thank you, beyond words, seriously, thank you.


  1. I totally forgot I put those eggs in your box. All of the stores here sold out of them so fast so I only got to eat a *couple* of bags. Had I known I put some in your box I would have eaten them. :)

  2. Good things come to good people. Shitload of other good stuff just waiting for you around the corner. Glad you are feeling the love! xx


Thank You XX