Monday, June 20, 2011

Buzz and Ali, you might not want to read this post!

Did I not warn you? But you couldn't resist!
Your punishment is that you must not comment anything nasty about Princey!

Nearly a year and a half ago Princey came into my life, you might remember I wrote about her Beak and Feather Disease here. Well she's not looking so hot these days (in my eyes she's beautiful!) but she's happy and healthy and the love of my life!

I never knew a bird could be such a great pet, but when I walk in the door at home she shouts out "hello!" and comes running to me. She could sit on my knee getting a pat for hours. And she loves cheese and ice! She's such a character, when I put her to bed at night on her perch she tries to keep me with her for as long as possible by doing tricks and singing and laughing and walking back and forth, bobbing her head saying hello! She's no trouble, she doesn't chew things (anymore) and apart from her seed she doesn't make a mess, in a year I've had to take her to the vet once to have her beak trimmed.

I love her little guts out! and as bad as she looks, she's honestly not gross at all, she's beautiful inside and out.

Because she's lost most of her flight feathers now and she can no longer fly, she can jump and flap her wings from branch to branch, but nothing more than that. Last weekend I put her on my shoulder and we took Koa down to the reserve. She had such a great time in the sunshine and she was such a good girl, and model...

Buzz and Ali are petrified of birds, (let alone birds with no feathers!) if you were wondering!
Oh and excuse the lack of make up (and apparent receding hair line??) in the last two pics!


  1. Oh, princey is so cute!!! I still have that photo of when Wizzy tipped princeys seed out. Pets help you see the good in everything, and they are there to sit on your shoulder when you need them the most xx

  2. Beauty really is on the inside! xx


Thank You XX