Thursday, September 1, 2011

a little break from my unintentional blogging break

i'm not going to pretend that any of you could care less whether or not i write. i realise it's for me now, if someone reads it, bonus. if someone likes it, massive bonus! however, i am sorry for the unintentional break, i would love to say that i've been so busy, theres just not been time for writing , but that really, i've just been focusing on the wrong things.

(i've also decided to do away with capital letters! my favorite blogs don't use capitals, and it just looks awesome. plus, i'm lazy! if it wouldn't make my blog entirely unreadable, i'd say good bye to punctuation too)

today is the first day of spring here in melbs, and i just feel alive, so i thought i'd pop by, say hello! the sun is shinning and things just feel.... possible. they don't seem so hard, i've found perspective and am excited about the future (well, lets be honest, i'm petrified of the future, in the same way than i'm ecstatic for what it may bring).

so much has happened, as in, i could write a novel about my happenings since i last wrote here, i have literally filled 3 journals with draft blog posts. i need to shift my priorities. actually, i don't know that priorities is the right word, i was complaining the other night that i never have time to sit and write, though i manage to harvest all my crops in my smurf village and stock every floor in my tiny tower, my city of wonder is going great guns, population and happiness growing at a steady pace. what the? yes, i'm talking about iphone games! i complain about never having the time to write, yet i can spend hours playing an online game?! i'm the first to admit that i'm a geek/dork but that's taking it to extremes!

time to shift focus.

and when i feel like it, i'll be here, rambling on, linking to awesome sites i've found online, showing photos of random rubber ducks, and basically being awesome/the biggest dork alive. i truly hope to see you around here soon

happy spring beautiful people! it's good to be alive xx


  1. I give a shit... always love to read what you got going on in that beautiful head of yours! xx

  2. I give a shit too!

    xoxo Your beloved Friend in the fridge!

  3. Welcome back - I give a BIG shit too!!! I love reading what you are feeling and thinking, positive, negative - all of it. I adore you my Floss xx
    How great is Spring? The warmer sun, happier chirping birds, it definitely is great to be alive!

  4. Well you know I totally give multiple shits because you are adorable and wonderful and awesome. :)


Thank You XX