Monday, September 12, 2011

Little projects

i was absolutely blown away by the response i received on my last post, not least of which was 2 requests for projects!

my beautiful katie is in the middle of designing a vision board for her self and asked if i could draw her in a grecian/beach style wedding dress. after the exchange of many a bridal photo and "is this what you're looking for??!!"'s we got there in the end. i'm pretty pleased with how it came out.....

my amazing friend karls is on the verge of huge, beautiful things, and i'm totally honored to be helping her a little bit (stay tuned!) she asked me to draw the zodiac signs to be included in her new project.

at first i doubted my ability, and wondered if perhaps she was just humoring me a little. but i realised that this project is huge to karls, and she wouldn't risk it's reputation just to "be nice" and i was humbled that she actually believed in me. so i stepped up, and spent yesterday afternoon designing my own set of zodiac signs.  i'm happy with the result, virgo and libra are a little on the lame side, but cancer and scorpio are freaking awesome. if i do say so my self!

karls has a few finishing touches to add, and hopefully, i'll be able to tell you all about this new venture very soon!

cancer. scorpio. virgo. aquarius.

sagittarius. pisces. libra. gemini.

taurus. aries. capricorn. leo.

i guess you're probably wondering when this became an art blog?! it hasn't! i plan to write again. soon. because there is a lot to say. a hell of a lot to say.

photo taken by me st pauls cathedral nyc ny 2010

so in the meantime, i'll sign off by sending my respects and thoughts to all touched by the September 11 tragedy. it's hard to comprehend that a decade has passed since that day. ironically, i was watching the west wing when breaking news came on. at that stage all that was known was that a plane had hit the world trade centre. i watched all night long, as the second plane hit, as it was suspected that the white house was on fire (which turned out to be the pentagon), as the two towers fell and as the plane crashed into the field. almost 9 years later i would wipe away tears as i stood in the spot where the trade centre fell. and had a photo with a surviving fire fighter!

for some reason, as a young female millions of miles over the other side of the world, who had never visited new york before, i was profoundly touched by the courage and heroism shown by so many during that time. and i think i always will be.

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