Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Fair

*this ain't a warm and fuzzy one, if you're offended by words like fuck or slut, don't read on.

about 80 percent of the time i think i'm doing really well with the whole positive attitude, look on the bright side stuff. but occasionally, i have to admit, that i have seriously contemplated getting in my car and just driving, never ever speaking a word to anyone i know never ever again. sometimes i just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs that this is just not fucking fair.

i've got ahead of my self a little here. my house sold while i was on my little blogging hiatus. it settles at the end of the month. a young couple bought it. just like steve and i, the world their oyster, their first house, before they get married.

it breaks my heart, makes my skin crawl, devours every piece of happiness in my soul to think of them happy in MY house. but what hurts me more is that it's not fair. it's not fair that after years of me supporting him, my husband put his fucking dick in some slut bogan and now i have to loose my beautiful home, my life, my existence. i have to spend my time ringing gas and electricity companies, changing insurance, packing fucking box after fucking box, changing my address.

it's not fair, and sometimes you (i) just need to tell everyone. apologies.


  1. keep screaming Jands cos it is just not fair xx

  2. You have every right to be angry. What an arsehole! And you have a great way with words! I love it!

  3. Well you just think that you are better and he settled for a downgrade-- that should bring a smile to your face. Because you know what? ANY guy you date in the future is going to be such an upgrade and Steve knows that. I'm happy your house sold because I think now you can start fresh, with new and more happy memories and things will just get better for you. :)


Thank You XX