Friday, October 28, 2011

heart your body


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i just saw this on we heart life.

i've been thinking a lot about body image lately. how susan boyle is all about this amazing voice that comes from a not quite so amazing body, or the tv show "beauty and the beast" which basically portrays the "beauties" as the be all and end all, something that the "geeks" can aspire to become. wouldn't it be awesome if susan boyles voice was what people spoke about, that her looks never ever came up in conversation, or if those "geeks" intelligence was celebrated, rather than making them over to become "acceptable" or "desirable".

where has it been studied that a person with an amazing voice must also fit the medias perception of beauty and vice versa, where is it proven that a beautiful person must also be dumb, but must hold wonderful talents in singing and acting. (we are lead to believe that only beautiful people are talented in these fields)

i guess it was one of those universe lessons that lead me to we heart life, and this particular post.

carly writes about an "a ha" moment where she realised that the body she hated was actually "okay"

from her blog;

As women we are definitely our harshest critics but I think that we all need a moment to remember that we have amazing bodies and should be proud of them, just as they are!

Saturday the 29th of October 2011 will be this years “I Heart My Body 2011″ day.

Take a photograph of you this week sometime. Take it so you feel sexy/pretty/cute/hot/gorgeous/beautiful.

Post it on your blog sometime this week before Saturday. Spread the word to your blogging community about loving their bodies.

Share your own story about your body image issues. But then tell me one or more things that you love about your body! and why!
 Then come back on Saturday the 29th of October and link it up!
Be sure to come back on Saturday and support everyone who is linking up to heart their bodies!

so visit we heart life, link up, take a photo and heart your body!

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