Tuesday, November 22, 2011


i'm over at think beautiful today (surprise surprise!)

join karls and i to help make the world more beautiful!

each week karls assigns a challenge (which i get a week before)

you've got the week to complete it

then report back to think beautiful, facebook, twitter, google plus, whatever, you can actually tell people to their faces even, if you're up for social contact!

come on, get happy!

i have plans to come back here, regularly, soon (either that or start a secret blog - or have i already done that??!!). i've struggled turning my thoughts into words of late, battled with how much i want people to know, but i've go so much to say, to confess, to exclaim, to wallow in, i want to write, i need to write.

i'll see you soon

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  1. write, write, write - I love reading about my Floss xx


Thank You XX