Wednesday, February 22, 2012

is it february 22nd already?

it's been a pretty massive year, and it's only february!

i've already flown a plane and passed my tefl course, in a week i'll be heading to bali to volunteer

writing that made it seem so real.

i'm scared, but also excited. i'm apprehensive to be too excited because of that stupid belief i have; be prepared for the worst, that way when it happens, you're ready, it it doesn't happen, it'll be a bonus.
i hope it will be like one of those times when you really don't want to go somewhere but go anyway and end up having a ball.i don't want to be excited only to hate it and want to come home.

no doubt it will be a challenge and life changing, though i'm not so sure yet if it will be a good or bad change.

i'll be heading up to the mountains to teach english in the evenings, i'm not even sure yet where i'll be teaching, but i know that i'm teaching kids.

worse comes to worse, i'm an hour out of the main tourist area, so i get myself there and have a month long holiday - not the worse thing that could happen!

i dont know what sort of internet access i'll have, so i don;t know how often i'll be able to write, or if i'll have access at all, so my next post might not be until april (not that a month blogging hiatus is all that weird around these parts!)

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