Monday, February 20, 2012

the kind of woman i want to be

i want to give myself time to look out the window while i ponder the day ahead with a cup of tea in my hands, i want to get up early and walk while the sun is rising, i want to have fresh flowers, always, in my house, i want to be so comfortable in my own company that i don’t think twice about seeing a movie or having a meal alone, i want to be confident in my abilities and opinions and exude said confidence, i want to see the world, i want a home where i don't need curtains because it's so secluded, i want to have time for friends and family and my pets and those in need, and especially my self, i want to sit in a cafe for an afternoon with a pot of tea and some scones while studying or reading a great book or if weather permits, i want to sit by a river for a whole afternoon, i want to be spontaneous and say yes more often, i want to be so great at applying my make up or doing my hair that others ask for my advice, i want to have a “style” that i feel comfortable and confident in pulling off, i want to wash my face and tie my hair in a high bun, throw on a cute dress and shoes and be ready to fly out the door (rather than my current hour plus routine - read - i want healthy hair and skin), i want to write and keep a notebook where i’m constantly scribbling out ideas and inspiration, i want to hold an intelligent conversation, i want to wake up on the beach to watch the sunrise, i want to be someones mummy, i want to be loved, like really, truly - take a bullet for me-loved, i want to be a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and employee, i want to be private and mysterious, intriguing and interesting, i want this version of me to be perceived as worthy, not the version anyone else wants

thank you meg fee


  1. you are all those things already Jandy, you now just need to see them and stand strong in your

  2. I think this is my favourite post of yours. I might just need to do one like this myself babe.


Thank You XX