Sunday, February 19, 2012

my own wings

my stepdad has been learning to fly for quite some time.

i always thought it was pretty awesome, but never gave it much more thought than that.
then a few years ago we, as a family, flew in a little plane from lilydale to the avalon air show. it was so much more than pretty awesome, it was amazing! the view was breath taking and it just felt like you were floating. until the flight home. bad weather had come in which made for a very turbulent flight. while my mum and sisters held on for their lives, my stepdad and i relished in the turbulence.

my stepdad got to a point in his lessons where he could take a passenger with him while flying in the designated training zone. it was surreal, just him and I, in a little plane, flying over the yarra valley. we could see the mountains, and the dams, we tried to fly over my house, but it was just a little too far out, we could see a fire miles out in the mountains, we could see cars, and farmers on tractors, horses and cows in paddocks.

my sisters can’t believe that i enjoy flying in a small plane, and they were even more surprised when they learnt that I intended on using my birthday present; a flying lesson. a lesson that promised “you will have control of the plane”.

january 14th 2012, i took my first flying lesson!

i’m not in the slightest bit scared of flying, or heights, i wasn’t scared at all about crashing or anything of the sort, though I was really scared of making a fool of myself, or having a mean instructor. I had visions of a long theory lesson, followed by a quick flight where my scary instructor would be doing all the work, and maybe in the last few minutes allow me to steer or press a button.

my instructor, james, must have been in his mid to late 20’s, pretty blasé’ and too cool for school, explaining the very, very basics of a plane (propellers and wings and elevators and routers) before handing me some head phones and showing me our totally awesome little plane.

it was a four seater and the top of the cock pit slid back, top gun style (I knew I should have bought some aviators before hand!). james showed me how to do a pre flight check and then we jumped in. i was basically in control, he did the take off and pressed all the buttons, did the cross checks and then handed it to me. i directed the plane, was responsible for altitude and speed and even helped land the plane.

it just felt “right” to be up there, like it’s natural, like i could really do this, make it a hobby, and interest, a goal, maybe even (one day in the very distant future) make a career of it.

although i may need to find a way to fund said, very expensive, hobby!

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