Monday, March 26, 2012

Bali 01.03.12

1 march 2012


breakfast is included in my package, so took advantage of a buffet of fruit and eggs, orange juice and a tea (which i did not drink - i forgot how weak tea in bali is) but randomly theres no bread, or bakery type foods at all.

went for a walk into kuta square and bought the whole kardashian series on dvd. i bought some inspirational quotes and probably got ripped off, but it felt good to be out and about, even if i wasn't quite up for bartering yet.

i'm so lonely and wondering why, why, why, why, why, why did i do this to myself? i can't ever imagine enjoying this. to top things off aunty flow came to visit, awesome. i keep looking at people who are alone, trying to summons the courage to talk to them, but usually they aren't alone, and within a few seconds their friend joins them.

theres lovers everywhere. i always thought travelling was best alone - more meaningful, but i think now, my only not negotiable for a future partner will be that they want to travel with me. when i told karly about seeing all the lovers and how it made me sad, she said "half of them are probably looking at you and wishing they could have do what your doing".

i treated myself to a beautiful 75 minute massage. i had it in the hotel spa, which means spending far more than i would have at the beach, but i was feeling a little to fragile and would have probably walked away with 25 bintang singlets, 85 sarongs, 367 friendship bracelets, a manicure and a pedicure, braids, leaving a beach of balinese laughing, and far less money in my wallet.

i spent the afternoon lying by the pool reading a book. when i got up i felt (and hoped to be) a little burnt, but really felt it in the shower, i think i may have been out there a little too long! and as per my usual sun bathing etiquette, i'm sporting goggle eyes and a red front with a white back (i didn;t turn!), pretty hot! but i have tan lines! can't remember the last time i had tan lines!!

ordered room service for tea again and once again went to sleep watching e.

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