Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bali 02.03.12

02 march 2012


hmm, on the first day of breakfast i saw a sign that said "bread corner" but i couldn't find any bread. then this morning i found it, a whole other buffet full of bread, and the like! so this morning i got to enjoy bread with my eggs!

i saw 3 aussie girls this morning at the lobby, and thought about asking to tag along with them, but it was their first day and i'm not really the type to go up and say "hi, i'm jandy, can i hang out?" but then again, i'm not the type to even contemplate it, so i guess even that was a small step forward.

i walked into the matahari today and bought some food (tim tams, peanuts and potato chips) and a bottle of coke zero.

theres one of those fish spas there, i'm going to do that when i come back after volunteering. another small step forward, i would never of had the guts to do that before.

i've finished my kris jenner book so thought i'd grab another one. theres a little book shop by the supermarket and they had a shelf of books about bali. not nice travel ones, ones about schapelle and the bali 9, corruption of the government and police force, horror stories from travellers. i chose hotel k, a book about kerobekan jail; where schapelle and the bali 9 reside. i read it back at the hotel, by the pool (attempting to match my back to my front!). stupid move, now i'm not only lonely and emotional, i'm scared of the corruption, and i'm petrified of stepping a foot wrong and ending up there. according to this book, it's not out of the question.

started raining in the afternoon, i hoped for a storm - the roof would be an amazing place to watch one roll in - but there was only rain, and a lot of it, so i did my usual, ordered room service and watched e. after this holiday i'm going to know everything they play word for word - everything is repeated at least eleventy hundred times a day!

but thank god for e, it was a long hot sleepless night. i was sore from sunburn and the rain seems to have doubled the humidity. a combination of everything had me crying for most of the night.

i can't see this getting any better.

today (march 27th) is the anniversary of my dad's death. it wouldn't feel right if i didn't honor it here. rip dad, i miss you every day, but especially today. i just realised that i don't know if my dad ever travelled over seas, being that he died so young, i doubt it, but i'll have to find out. 

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