Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bali 03.03.2012

03 march 2012


my last day in kuta before i start the project. actually looking forward to it so that i have people to talk to - my, how that's changed!

it's so muggy and has rained non stop all night and most of the day.

sitting on my patio i saw a ginger cat with a stumpy tail, i tried to catch him, with the intention of keeping him hostage in my room over night and making him be my friend, but he was scared. probably a good thing, best i don't meet my host family cover in scratches. my sexy peeling forehead is attractive enough!

missing home so i asked bec to look into changing my flights so i don't have the four more nights here alone. i've done it now, i don't think i need to again. she is going to give me a few days to be sure before she does anything.

wasn't much to do because of the rain so i did a bit of writing and finished reading hotel k, watched another kardashians marathon on e and spoke to ma.

god i love her, i'm sorry i'm making her worried because i'm so sad.

this has really made me appreciate the people in my life. theres people that say they are jealous of what i'm doing, or proud, or even in awe. i'm not feeling much like i deserve any of it, but i am so thankful for their support.

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