Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bali 04.03.2012

04 march 2012


my transport from kuta to ubud took me to the panorama, which was where i was supposed to be staying since the first day i signed up for this, but we were met with a note telling me that i was no longer staying there and should make my way to the puri darem bungalows a kilometer or so up the road, luckily my driver had no issue with the little detour.

the bungalows were, well, a huge step down from the mercure, a small little shop type lobby that stank of b.o. and a small pool, there were about 14 bungalows but it appeared all but the one i was taken to were under renovation... am i here alone? the gardens are beautiful though, i'm always amazed by how beautiful balinese gardens are

the lady at the front desk told me she would tell miss caroline that i'm here. i guess miss caroline is my in-country host?

the room was old and grubby, but livable. 2 single beds, a mini bar that consisted of 2 of two bottles of water and a huge en suite - where the toilet would not stop flushing - and an even huger verandah, which randomly was where the coffee, tea bags and a kettle was kept.

i layed on one bed for about 2 seconds before i started smelling that it had not been changed for a long time, so i swapped beds and was lucky to have one that didn't smell like a pair of gym socks.

sigh this isn't what it was supposed to be like. i thought i'd be meeting the other volunteers today, if not at least someone from i to i but seems i'm stuck alone in a stinky room, maybe even a whole hotel. and having spoken to no one from i to i, i still have no idea what happens tomorrow - it's supposed to be orientation, but i don't think it's going to be what i had in mind.

theres no room service here, not that i expected there to be, i'm volunteering now, not holidaying! so i went to a supermarket right across the road. i'm not in kuta anymore! no tim tams here! i managed to find some food that looked relatively normal and found some two minute noodles, but then put them back, not sure that boiling bali water makes it any safer to drink so thought i'd best be safe.

there was a couple swimming in the pool when i came back and i was excited, we had a little chat and they told me they had just paid to use the pool for the afternoon and were staying elsewhere.

i had a massive breakdown on the phone to ali and carls, i just couldn't stop crying and feeling like a loser, that i'm incapable and unworthy. i'm so so lucky to have them and my family's support.

at about 9.30 a guy from reception came to my door and told me that miss caroline would pick me up at 9.30 in the morning.

eeek, here goes! i'm scared.

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