Friday, March 30, 2012

Bali 05.03.2012

05 march 2012


orientation day

apparently miss caroline was in jakarta. sigh. another bad sign, how can she have not made an effort to be here for me? instead she sent a local guy, silvester, to show me around ubud.

i didn't meet any volunteers, like i was told i would, the only "introduction to the language" was a few lines on a piece of paper that silvester gave me.

silvester and i set out on foot for a tour of ubud and i found out that the monkey forest was just around the corner from where i was staying!

we walked around the main streets of ubud, it's a pretty town, much less crowded than kuta, much less touristy than i thought. no one was trying to pull you into their shops, silvester told me that they are just really happy for you to go into their shop and buy something.

i thought there weren't many aussies in kuta, from what i can tell, i'm the only aussie walking the streets of ubud!

silvester showed me good shops, restaurants and bars to visit, and the places to avoid. he told me a little about manners while teaching like i should never touch a child on the top of their head, never to point with a finger, but i can use my thumb, i should never show the soles of my feet or shake with my left hand - that's used for cleaning ones self.

we stopped for a drink in a beautiful cafe overlooking the gardens of an old temple. silvester called miss caroline and put me on the phone. she had a dutch accent. she had stayed in jakarta for a jazz concert. was she effing serious?! i cried and cried and cried and told her that i don't think i can do this but she told me to meet her tomorrow at 9. she gave me the impression that i have decide to do it for the full 3 weeks or not at all. i'm a fucking volunteer, i'll decide how long i do it for thank you.

poor silvester, i think he felt more awkward than the porter at the mercure! he told me i need a massage and took me to the "best spa in town".

he left me for my relaxing 1 hour massage. it was heavenly. they had all these separate buildings with a bath and a shower and a massage bed, i chose my oil (passion fruit) and enjoyed the next hour. i was treated like royalty.

it was raining when i finished, but not too much, so i decided to walk down to another spa near the monkey forest where i saw a sign for eyelash extensions. i've always wanted them and they were 10 bucks, so i thought why not. (didn't really think about why they were $10 and i might end up blind!).

i went to take some photos of the monkeys that were hanging around outside the forest and it started to pour. then mum called. she told me that buzz and mazz were coming for the weekend! ma would come but she thinks she'd get sick. she's a usa traveller, and that's enough culture for her!

we both decided that i should do a week of the volunteering, spend the weekend with my sisters living it up in kuta, then decide what i wanted to do from there! maybe even fly to la??

feeling so much better about everything, knowing there is fun in sight, and knowing that i can actually choose to do whatever makes me happy, having a better understanding of the city and where i can eat, i'm actually looking forward to spending some time exploring ubud in the mornings before i have my classes in the evenings.

saw some places that offer yoga classes too, so i'll have to ckeck them out.

messages of love and support from ali and carls.

fuck i love my mummy, sisters and friends.

oh and i got my eyelash extensions, and i didn't go blind! it stung a little but they look freaking amaze! so amaze that i might even keep getting them done at home, even if it is about 6 times the price there!

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