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Bali 06.03.2012

06 march 2012


start teaching

weird breakfast, cold toast, weird juice and a random boiled egg just placed on my plate. there was a couple having breakfast with me, so i guess there is another room being used. too late for me though
expected miss caroline to meet me, but a man from a transport company picked me up and said he was taking me to miss carolines.

i asked him how long the drive would take.

he said an hour and a half.

fuck fuck fuck, i'm not staying in ubud. i'm going to fucking canguu.

this isn't going to plan. actually, everything i feared is coming to fruition.

i don't understand why i was shown around ubud? why did i even go there?

we travelled through villages, and i never saw another white person. it was actually quite interesting. there were rice paddies everywhere and when i asked about them we pulled over and he gave me a little lesson, we picked some rice that was ready for harvest and got back into the car, he was really lovely.

we got a bit lost, but finally found the tiny little lane that miss carolines house was on. it was a cute little orange house, very basic but comfortable, overlooking rice paddies on one side and the jungle on the other.

i bought my bags in a one of her dogs pissed on my suit case.


we had a chat about how i was feeling and i told her about my plans, she was from holland and married a balinese man. they had two girls and a nanny. it was all kind of weird, she told me games to play when teaching and gave me a few books for inspiration. i'm not sure if i don't quite understand, but it seems that there's only one english class a week, on a sunday evening, and i'd spend the rest of my time at the host families hospitality school and tutoring a girl who is trying to get a scholarship to study abroad.

next thing the girl, ciska, turns up and then i'm on the back of her motor bike and we're going to her house for a lesson.

it was pretty cool being on the back of her bike, ridding through the village. we got to her house and it was beautiful, manicured gardens and so clean and modern. ciska told me that she was adopted and her parents were korean, which was where they are now, she was staying home with her sisters. from the photos on the walls it looks like her parents are wealthy and might have adopted a few kids.

ciska wants a scholarship to study theology in california, but needs to improve her english before she gets one.

i spent a few hours with her and loved every second, she's actually pretty good already. she goes to english classes, so i helped her with her home work then we pointed at things and she told me what they were in english (flower, branch, sky, cloud, sun etc), she made me a glass of lemonade and cut me up some watermelon.

i loved it! sitting out on her back patio, it all just felt right, this is what i was here for! and look at me, i'd sat in a strangers house and had a chat, jumped on the back of another strangers bike, taught some english and met a new friend!

ciska took me back to miss carolines and i had a plate of food; some strange indo biscuit thing, rice and vegies, it was beautiful, and another moment of awesome, i'm trying new food!

carolines husband took my lugage to the host families house and caroline organised a surf lesson for me for tomorrow, then i got on the back of her bike and she drove me about 6k's to the beach. it was a full on surf beach, like what you'd see on endless summer, and there was a ceremony happening. echo beach was to our right (when facing the ocean), it was pretty cool ridding through the villages and we saw some of the puppets being made for nyepi eve parades.

then we went to the host families house, only the dad was there. it was a relatively nice place, tiled floors help! had a sexy pink vinal couch, which the dad was sitting on. he was a bit full on, gave me a lecture about when he was my age he travelled and got home sick, but didn't cut it short. i reminded them that i was going to decide at the end of the weekend what i was doing.

i was shown my room and given a lecture about leaving the air con on, then they showed me my batch room. it was old and filthy and had the remnants of an eastern bathroom, but apparently the water pump had died and i now had my self an authentic balinese bath room complete with a bucket shower!

this is all part of the experience

caroline gave me a lecture about not looking myself in my room - try to be a part of the family. but she also told me that they work funny hours, so they never have meals together and i would have to fend for myself. she said that although i was supposed to have breakfast supplied, she doubted they would, so she gave me a loaf of bread and a jar of pineapple jam.

this is all part of the experience

so i walked up to the little shop and bought tea, a bag of cheetos and a bottle of water. and they ended up being corn cheetos, not cheese. note to self, never ever buy corn cheetos again

this is all part of the experience

went to bed and realised i only had a little blanket, and an uncomfortable bed.

this is all part of the experience

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