Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bali 29.02.12

more as a memory bank than anything else, i thought i'd write up my travel diary here.
excuse me as i indulge myself, feel free to join me

february 29th 2012

what a fitting day to take a leap of faith; leap day!

my flight was great, i had two seats to myself, read my 4 trashy mags and then the seat belt light came on and we were landing in denpassar

proud of myself navigating denpassar airport all by myself, and seeing the sunshine outside, rather than schapelle corbys cell!

but with the sunshine, came the tears. i was scared, unsure of what was next, all i could see were groups of friends, families and lovers ready to share their holidays.

the poor porter at the mercure didn't know what to do when he took me to my room and i started to cry. he was asking if i wasn't happy with the room, i tried to assure him that i was just emotional

i went for a small walk to a circle k store for some drinkable water and had the dudes try to scam me with a scratchie ticket. steve and i fell for that on our honeymoon 8 years ago, can't believe they still do it!

(we scratched our tickets and i won $100 usd, steve won a video camera, all we had to do was go to a short seminar at an amazing new resort near jimbaran, transport included. 4 hours later we walked out of a timeshare sell with a new t-shirt each!)

it's so hot, the sun is behind the overcast sky but it's still so humid. i haven't seen many aussies, actually any at all...

the hotel is stunning, open lobby with a huge pond with little pier type spots to sit and relax as well as a small bar and free wifi, roof top restaurant and bar, spa and infinity pool over looking kuta beach.

my room is small, but enough for me, it's on the ground floor with a manis (indonesian for sweet - i'm such a geek!) little patio beside the pond. i have a huge king sized bed, a mini bar, a good sized en suite and a big screen tv that has the e channel. i even have an ash tray - not that i need it, but i thought it was funny seeing an ash tray, that i'm allowed to use, in a hotel these days!

ordered room service and settled in to watch a kardashians marathon.

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