Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bali 07.03.2012

07 March 2012


surfing lesson

yum, had my tasty dry bread for breakfast

the surf school picked me up in the morning then we drove through all the little towns and villages from here to kuta picking up 6 other people; 4 russians and and aussie couple.

the drive was cool chatting with the driver and seeing lots of shops i want to go to! all i could think about was where i could get some food!

it's heaps more built up than the last time i was here

we were separated into two groups; the aussies and the russians, and had a quick lesson inside the building then went over to kuta beach.

it was scary! but it ended up being fun, and i stood up 4 times! kuta beach is gross, so much rubbish in the water...

after the class i actually had a conversation with the aussie couple! i'm proud! and so relieved, it was awesome to have a chat with someone!

and there was a circle k next door to the surf school so i stocked up!

when i got back to the house my host mum and one of the daughters, cindy, took me to sri's (the mum) parents house.

it was about an hours drive towards tanah lot, right into "real" bali, through rice paddies and tiny villages.

there were lots of ceremonies, cindy told me that they were to celebrate the full moon.

the road into the village that sri's parents house was so rough it made falkingham rd look good, and it was skinnier too, and a lot busier, was interesting trying to pass other cars!

no one told me but i'm guessing we went to sri's parents for a second birthday party... even though i couldn't understand a thing, it was really interesting.

it was so organised, we all got little books, like at a wedding, and everyone sang and i'm guessing prayed, a girl played the keyboard and another lady spoke in a microphone, everyone else was seated around them.

then a little boy blew out a "2" candle on a cake - theres my clue :)

i was clearly the only westerner, but there were a few girls that spoke a little english.

i wore shorts, no one else did, i hope that wasn't disrespectful

i ate indo food! it was spicy but most of it was really nice, except the steamed banana - never ever eat steamed banana again!

was so funny, as soon as all the formalities finished, every young person was on their blackberries, even when we drove through the rice paddies there were guys having a brake with their mobiles in their hands! how do they get better service than i do?!

proud of myself today, going to a surf lesson all by my self, making conversation, and seeing this awesome ceremony that i'm pretty sure no one i know (except maybe fe and dirk, and penny?!!) have ever seen. oh and for eating indo food again, and for finding the circle k!

good day!

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