Monday, April 2, 2012

Bali 08.03.2012

08 march 2012


it was raining and the coolest (as in weather) it's been this morning, but it warmed up

omg i have a sore chest and shoulders from surfing! can't believe how much they hurt, i'm so unfit! 

went to school with the host parents, it's a school where they teach hospitality. i have no idea why i went, i sat in the foyer for most of the morning with a glass of water and two indonesian news papers.

then one of the classes was to teach cram hair baths and ear candling and they invited me to watch, the ear candling was really interesting, but really slow.

they took me to the warung over the road... as in one of the places that you re warned not to eat at! but it was actually quite nice, i had rice of course and that biscuit thing that i've had as carolines and the birthday party, some vegies and some beef and chicken, and i had coconut water which was just a little too sweet.

went back to the school for a bit before going back to the house.

messaged caroline to see if i could get in contact with ciska and have another lesson, if they are going to organise lessons for me, i'll bloody organise my own!

never heard back...

at least i tried, go me for trying!

went for a walk all around the village taking photos.

everyone that i saw was so sweet and wanted me to take a photo of them!

so many dogs!

i saw kids getting bathed in tubs outside, old ladies scaring birds from the rice paddies, the puppets being painted for the nyepi eve parades, a man working in another rice paddy, kids piled onto motorbikes, chickens, guys pushing food carts that each have their own song like a mr wippy van, beautiful gardens and run down houses and people smiling everywhere i looked.

when i got back to the house cindy was so excited to tell me that yaris, thier dog, had had puppies! they were cute, only one survived. but yaris is the cutest thing i've ever seen, i wanted to steal him!

the host family had friends arrive who were from jakarta and celebrating their honeymoon in bali, they went for a walk with the host dad and i tagged along... not sure if i was welcome but damn it, like the teaching, i guess i have to make the first move in being included even if it is my last night!

we went to the back of the host house and i discovered that the grandparents lived behind, then there was this huge brand new but unused building then the host dads brother and his wife lived in a house right at the back.

so random, that's like ali having an international guest and never introducing them to her mum and dad...


then we went through the back gate and through all the rice paddies, it was awesome, the sun was setting and there was a slight wind so the tin that they had hung to scare the birds away from the rice was tinkling, it was all so surreal; here i was in bali, walking with people that i can't understand, in the middle of a rice field in a small village, all by my self!

when we got back the host dad told me they were having dinner now, which i clearly understood as "catch ya later" - he had told me that they only get $5 a night for me to stay at their house, which, considering what i paid, is pretty shit...

so i went off and ate the packet of chips and peanuts that i got from circle k yesterday!

not sure whats happening tomorrow? 

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