Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bali 09.03.2012

09 march 2012

canggu - kuta

finish up with the family and volunteering

i've decided that i will fly home with mazz next monday night, i came to teach english and to meet other volunteers and i'm getting neither.

i would only be staying to make others happy, to avoid judgement, but that's not what this trip was about. this trip was about getting happy and finding myself and i think i'm doing a good job of that already. staying wouldn't improve that.

theres no bad feelings towards anyone involved though, i'm beyond grateful for what i have taken from this trip, despite it only being a short one.

i'm disappointed to not do the one english class on the sunday so i might come back for that if i can find a way.

i'm sad to say goodbye to ciska too, i would love to help her get her scholarship, hopefully i can help a little over email. it's not worth staying for the one or two classes we do a week either.

i was supposed to go back to the hospitality school this morning but the host dad told me he was too busy to go into the school so i asked to teach ciska again.

she came to the house to pick me up and we rode through the rice paddies trying ro find her uncle then we went to his house and i met ciskas cousins, then we rode back to her house and i couldn't wipe the smile off my face, i've done so well, who would have ever thought i'd be riding on the back of a motorbike, through a tiny village in bali with my student! right then i knew i was doing the right thing, i have got what i came for.

we had a lesson back at her house for nearly 2 hours and she cut me up some watermelon and made me a lemonade. we went through her theology homework which was really hard even for me who speaks english! she had to write part of the gospel in english and write a prayer for study! then we read a book, she's really good, after that i asked ciska what she would like to practice and she said "conversation" so we just sat and had a chat, asking each other questions about our different lives. i think she'll make it to america in september!

it was sad to say goodbye when she droppped me back at the house, but we exchanged email addresses so i hope we'll keep in touch.

back at the house the host dad told me he was going to the office after all! ok then! i told him i was leaving in two hours, would he be back to say goodbye? no! so i thanked him for his hospitality and for allowing me into his home.

then he drove off and i went and played with yaris and her puppy

cindy and sri came home to say goodbye which was lovely. i gave them the aussie presents that i had bought for my non existant students (i gave ciska some too) and some more money to say thank you, they were very thankful and sri was shocked i was giving them money and cindy loved the little kangaroos!

miss caroline sent me a message to say that her neighbor would drive me back to kuta, but she never said goodbye...

the driver picked me up at 1 and he was lovely, we chatted all the way back to kuta, he taught me about bali, nyepi, expats, villages and his family and he taught me some indonesian!

when i got back to the mercure i was in the room next door to the one i was last time! i had a 45 minute shower, i haven't had a proper shower in a week because of the bucket shower and in ubud the tap didn't work... it was so lovely, and my hair loved it!

bec rang to say she was in jakarta and would be another 2 hours because her plane was diverted due to fog. i thought that was random, but it had just rained, maybe they called rain cloud fog? i didnt know why it was safer to fly to jakarta and she kept saying "we" but mazz wasn't coming until tomorrow, theres no way mum would come? but i didn't think about it again, i decided to use my spare 2 hours to have a massage and body scrub.

about 5 minutes in bec and kelly turn up! she'd made up the random fog/jakarta story and thought it would be funny to surprise me! it was funny, although so so random!

so awesome to see kelly too, i know that this is going to be a big weekend!

seeing as i ruined their surprise they left me to my massage and went down to kuta beach to see becs bali family.

i met them down at the beach and was immediately bombarded and found myself with a lady massaging my shoulders,  one giving me a mani, two were giving me a pedi, i had bought 10 friendship bands, 2 bintang singlets and 2 sarongs!

how funny to think that i was absolutely loving what had petrified me only 2 weeks before!

we sat on the beach drinking with monster, angur, mumma loco and the rest of becs bali family until the sunset. awesome, awesome afternoon.

we went back to the hotel to get changed and then jumped on the back of scooters, getting a ride into the macaroni bar in legian st.

then we went to every bar around, having a drink and then onto the next, then as the night went on we also stopped for a shisha and a go at living on a prayer at karaoke, apparently we had a bit of a dance out the front of the bounty too, don't remember that at all!

kelly decided it was time for me to go home so we went back on scooters, all i remember is kelly telling the guy to make sure i didn't fall off, and me holding onto him so tight and resting my head on his shoulder, probably drooling! poor guy!

bec and kel put me to bed and i was so so happy!

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