Monday, April 9, 2012

Bali 10.03.2012

10 march 2012


mazz arrives

woke up feeling pretty good surprisingly!

woke up at around 3 stressing out about where my room key was and couldn’t find it anywhere, figured buzz and Kelly had it.

had breakfast with kell, bec was too hung over... yummy breakfast, then buzz joined us and neither of them had my key or theirs, so we went to reception. buzz and kell had left mine in my door and someone had taken it to reception!

we walked up poppies and had a massage. it was so random, first there was no one in the shop then two girls arrived and they got us all to lay down and buzz and I had our massages while Kelly waited for about 15 minutes for someone else to arrive to do her massage! then about 45 minutes in, the girls massaging me and buzz just left the room,  we didn’t know if they were finished, but they came back and kept massaging, then some heavy metal music started playing from the shop next door. not exactly the most relaxing massage, but probably the funniest!

we went back to the hotel for a swim and a shower and then mazz arrived.

we caught a taxi into legian and spent the afternoon at a bar/restaurant called billys. it was awesome, we were sitting in a gazebo  type thing at the front where we could have people come up and sell dvds while we were eating and drinking. kids tried selling us friendship bands and got really annoying and rude – one told us to suck his dick and another called us a name in balinese which ended up being “monkey”.... I can’t remember what the real translation was but we thought it was monjour,

which is what we decided to call our band when we all bought ukuleles! we played them all afternoon while we drank, it was so funny! buzz and I went for a walk and bought crazy helmets; mine was yellow and black checks with a sexy pair of black goggles and buzzs was black and red with a mohawk!

we got on the back of scooters and rode into legian st and had more shisha, and a lot more drinks all the while playing our ukuleles like we were rock stars!

a guy came buy with three snakes and kell put two around her neck and I had one around mine! it wasn’t scary at all, really awesome actually! I must have been drunk!

we went across the road and a band were playing so we played our ukuleles with them! we seriously thought we were part of the band! we were the aussies that you see in bali and are ashamed to say you come from the same country, but we were having a ball!

we all took mazz back to the hotel and kell stayed with her – they went to maccas and mazz was in her jammies with no bra on!!! buzz and I went back into legian street but were dropped off in a lane way just near paddys, there was a little bar with a guy playing acoustic and buzz and I went straight up on stage and played our ukuleles! then went back to play with the band we played with earlier for a little while!

funniest night ever, might almost pass noosa.

i can’t believe how lucky i am to have people who love me so much to travel overseas to make sure i’m ok. i know it’s not a compromise that anyone would say no to, but in reality it cost a lot of money, they all had to take time off work, sort out all of our flights and accommodation and give up whatever plans they already had made. i seriously can’t thank them enough.

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  1. You look amazing, love! You look so much happier and I can't believe what an opportunity you have!!


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