Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bali 11.03.2012

11 march 2012


buzz and kell leave

we went back into legian and shopped, bought eleventy hundred dvds and lots of other stuff, kell is addicted to dvds and bought at least 50 in every shop, then again at drops where we had lunch!

buzz and I got gold coin bracelets made that say reschy.

drops was awesome, we sat out the front on a table that was on glass over water and there was a pool at the back where we had a quick dip. had the yummiest nasi goring ever, even mazz liked it!

did a little more shopping before buzz and kell had to go to the airport.

after they left mazz and i went to matahari and had a fish spa like I wanted to at the start. it was weird but not as gross as I expected, they took most of the peeling off of my legs!

we went to the restaurant with the big red couches on kuta beach for tea then shopped a little more down poppies lane and stopped in for a drink at paddys.

we walked back to the hotel the long way and went to bed; we were exhausted from the night before and all of todays shopping!

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