Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bali 12.03.2012

12 march 2012


waterbom, fly home

i was laying in bed wondering what to do this morning then mazz woke up and straight away said “let’s go to waterbom!”

we walked there and hired a gazebo which was awesome – though not as awesome as mazz said – last time they had a bell and could have food and drinks delivered... we had to order at the food court, but it did get delivered!

we went on the lazy river probably 10 times before lunch and then i convinced mazz to go on a water slide... she wouldn’t go on an enclosed one “in case she got stuck”! then we went on the raft river ride and around lazy river a few more times.

we discovered mini cornettos and they were the most amazing thing ever! so amaze!

we went for a walk around the park and went down the slides a few more times and around lazy river even more times! mazz wouldn’t go back on macaroni after we heard people talking about how their friend got stuck!

all day there are photographers taking your pic and at the end you go and look at them and buy what you want, when we saw ours there was one of me being all look at me and in the back ground mazz was falling off her raft!!!!

after waterbom we walked over to the discovery shopping centre and spent the last of my money, we found a restaurant called new york so we had to stop there for tea! apart from the view of the ocean, it was a big disappointment!

we had our nails painted and i got a braid in my fringe which spent the last of our money!
some guy said "i know you... you play guitar the other night!" haha!!
walking back to the hotel the traffic was really busy so we decided to have showers and head to the airport.

we got to the airport far too early and waited in the lounge for ages for our check in to open, only to realise that we were sitting in the wrong spot and it had been open for ages!

after showing our passports and boarding passes about a million times we finally got to a cafe and had a yummy meal... and you could smoke! it was so random having people around you in a cafe, in an airport, smoking!

waiting for hours mazz and I spent a while people watching, very interesting fashions at the bali airport!

really turbulent flight, the seatbelt light barely came off, but managed to get a little bit of sleep. there was a share seat behind us and the second that the seatbelt light went off, mazz jumped in it, so we had two seats each which was awesome! think I slept for an hour or two before they served the most disgusting breakfast ever!

then I was home and my mummy was waiting for me!

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  1. Loved these posts Jandy! So honest and real... I felt like I was there with you - wish I had been!


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