Thursday, April 26, 2012

my birthday according to instagram


1. buzzy pleased with her choice at the pub
2. my choice - beef and guiness pie - perfect comfort food for a 15 degree day!
3. buzzy eating every last scrap
4. me and mazz and some friends we made in the aquarium gift shop
5. buzzys new outfit
6. penguin
7. octopus covering a wall
8. funny fish
9. me and my beautiful mazzy and buzzy
10. sharks overhead

even the rain and cold couldn't dampen my birthday, when you have a family like mine theres no way you couldn't have an amazing day.

i got spoilt! an ipad (yay!!) and two (yes two!!) spa vouchers! my sisters bought me a spa package for the mornington ho springs which is somewhere i've been wanting to go to for forever! ali - who always puts so much thought into her presents - gave me some frames for my new office and an organiser because i'm always complaining about being disorganised and wanting more time to write.

my family have a tradition on my birthday, we wake early and watch the dawn break at an anzac day service, (buzzy even joined us this year, i'm a very proud big sister!) then we head to maccas for breakfast before spending the day doing something fun.

we had originally planned to spend the day at luna park, but 15 degrees and rain doesn't make for a fun day at an amusement park, so we went into the crown for a yummy lunch at the pub and then walked across the road the aquarium.

none of us have been there for years so we had a great afternoon with the fish, penguins, jelly fish, stingrays, turtles, octopus and sharks!

then we went home for an early night!

thank you for another awesome birthday everyone xx

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