Tuesday, April 24, 2012

turning 50

i was talking to my friend from the bank the other day, we were speaking about travelling and she told me that next year she wants to do the drive from la to san fran in celebration of her 50th birthday. it had always been a dream of hers.

later that night, i was thinking (in the shower - where the most important thinking is done) about what trip i might do to honour my 50th birthday. such a milestone deserves a momentous celebration. a tour of europe, a month in new york, a round-the-world flight?

then i thought; "it's ok, i have 26 years to think about it"....

and then i realised; "no i don't, i have 16, sixteen years. tomorrow when i turn 34, i am closer to 50 than 15.

it feels like a life time ago that i was 15, then again, the last 16 years have flown by. i hope the next don't.

i have so much to do in the next 16 years. the list is so long i can't even begin to comprehend it, let alone type it.

i've spent so long trying to find my self, it's fucking time to find it. it's too late to realise who you want to be when you're 50, or 40 even, it's too late to start a family, find a career...

luckily it's not too late to be happy or continue finding things that make me happy. but i sure hope i'll be happy by then.

thankfully, i love my birthday, and i doubt that i will ever dread it, besides, i still have a 35th, a 40th and a 45th (as well as 16 other birthdays!-yay!) to celebrate before i even start to think about the big five-oh.

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